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BI PAP Machine
Up to 7 Display Data Built in up to 5 Safety Alarms 4-20 or 4-25 or 4-30 cmH2O Selectable Built in 5 Modes Setting – CPAP, S.T.S/T,PC Low Noise Working ...
Biothesiometer & Neuropathy Machine
•Compact design with PC connection •Easy tool to quantify neuropathy • Digital 0-50 Volts indicator • Light Weight Unit • User-Friendly Remote key on probe transfers the data to PC ...
BMD Machine
Features: • Maintenance free • Optimum functionality • Excellent quality
BMI Machine
Product Details:  Medinza 100 -Ultrasonic BMI Machine, Height and Weight scale Sensor: Equipped with high precision sensor system Product Dimensions: 490*355*2104mm  Weight Capacity: 5 kg-200kg Height measuring range: 0.80-2.15 meter(division of height :5mm) ...
Product with an advance technology which is used for monitoring and breathing options. It is safe and effective in sleep apnea patients of all ages, including children Innovative tracking technology ...
Oxygen Concentrator
Lite Weight – Only 13.6 Kgs / Quiet – Ultra quiet operation, sound level <40 dBA Compact – 360 x 220 x 580 mm Accurate – Lockable flow control valve, ...
Spirometer & PFT Machine
The spirometer is an instrument used for measuring air inhaled & exhaled by the Lungs.