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BMI Machine

Product Details:  Medinza 100 -Ultrasonic BMI Machine, Height and Weight scale
Sensor: Equipped with high precision sensor system
Product Dimensions: 490*355*2104mm
 Weight Capacity: 5 kg-200kg
Height measuring range: 0.80-2.15 meter(division of height :5mm)
LCD display size: 70*80mm(blue light)HD Quality
Functions : Height measuring function *Body fat measuring and analyzing function *Water/Muscle/Body bone/Calories display/BMI function
Voice function
Features : Automatic on-step,continuous weighing
Low battery/over load indication
Low battery/over load indication
Power : 4*NO.7AAA batteres or 6V DC power supply.With RS-232 port
Application: Hospital/home use/school/Clinic/Camp
Warranty: 1 Year



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