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Biothesiometer & Neuropathy Machine

•Compact design with PC connection

•Easy tool to quantify neuropathy

• Digital 0-50 Volts indicator

• Light Weight Unit

• User-Friendly Remote key on probe transfers the data to PC

• High Accuracy • Alarm when probe not connected

• 220V, AC, 50Hz Mains operation


Diabetic Foot Disease Test Machine,  A Reliable Solution, Get Biothesiometer

For the easy detection of diabetes this diabetic foot disease test is majorly adopted machine and with this biothesiometer use by the periodic and accurate vibration perception threshold this measurement helps you for the early detection. 

Do you know that early detection always helps you for the better prevention and better than any type of care you should measure and take the prevention for sure? 50% of the non-traumatic amputations occur in this disease – Diabetics, and this is very high on risk groups.  

So, this machine helps people for the quantitate the loss of the vibration perception threshold and the biothesiometer manufacturers design this to conduct the large screening camps of the patients.

If you are a doctor then this is good to adopt for your and the consideration for the different type of machine in same. – 15Volts, 20Volts, 25Volts,  and more than that. 

Features Of The Machine- 

  1. It Is Very Easy Tool To Quantify The Neuropathy. 
  2. Available In Different Volts Output. 
  3. It Weighs Light. 
  4. The Mains Operates On 220Volts. 
  5. Has Simple 4 Position Vibration Output.

How Biothesiometer Use? 

It is good to compare the effectiveness with the biothesiometry this is an established method for the diabetic patient. 

The number of patients with diabetes mellitus increase by multiple proportions in the world. This VPT – Vibrometer Manufacturer made machine compared the ratio and it is twice as common in diabetic persons as compared to the non-diabetic persons.

This can affect 30% of diabetic persons whose age is more than 40. The machine suggests that the lifetime incidence may be as high as 25 percent

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