Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator Rent

Size (L x W x H) : 39.4mm x 39.6mm x 70.6mm
Weight : 29.26 Kgs
Oxygen Purity : 90% (+ 5% /- 3%)
Sound level: 47 dBA
Outlet Pressure : 15 psi
Power Consumption 600 Watts average
Warranty: One Year


Oxygen Concentrators- Get the Continuous Unlimited Flow of Oxygen at Home

An oxygen concentrator is a medical equipment that is used to provide oxygen therapy to patients who require medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in the blood. You can say that an oxygen concentrator works with electricity and the work or process of this machine is like, – takes air from the room, then removes nitrogen and provides up to 95% pure oxygen.

So, people prefer it as a very cost-effective source of oxygen and much safer and more convenient compared to others.

The oxygen concentrator works with electricity, and it weighs between 12 and 14 kg and is designed to be used in the home. It can provide a continuous and unlimited flow of oxygen in the home. It is way more convenient than oxygen cylinders.

What Are the Benefits to Have the Oxygen Concentrator on Rent?

Portable oxygen concentrator weighs around 2-3 kg and is basically used while you are doing a trip in the flight. It provides a continuous flow of oxygen up to 2 lpm. If you use the burst mode it provides the higher intermittent flows. It delivers oxygen when the patient is inhaling and can provide up to 6 bpm.

Benefits of the Oxygen Concentrator:

  • It is Lightweight; it can be easily used during the trip.
  • It has rechargeable batteries that provide a decent backup.

Why Rental Oxygen Concentrator Is a Good Idea?  

  • Rental oxygen concentrator allows the patient to test it before buying the oxygen machine.
  • Testing an oxygen rental machine under specific conditions for which it will be used you can check the properties and all of them.
  • Rental oxygen concentrator for short-term recovery Oxygen concentrator rentals makes sense, for example, if you check the oxygen concentrator for sale in Delhi, and found some provider then after getting the machine on rent you can buy it if you want. The reliability can check from this process.
  • If you need it for a few weeks for postoperative recovery or a patient with a terminal illness who will not use it for long.

It is a very profitable way to go for the rental of the oxygen concentrator. Medinza Provide Oxygen concentrator on rent in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Kolkata & all over India. Contact For Price.



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