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Body Composition Analyzer Machine

Feature of Body Composition Analyzer Machine

Always we have been conditioned to focus on the number on the scale just like a physical indicator of how Fit, Healthy we are. This is up to you; scale machine would be a best friend or it would be the worst enemy. Just like that, Rent a Body composition analyzer is useful to get attention on the better body metrics. Does it suggest what is happening in your body? Perhaps you are gaining or losing weight but is it fat or muscle???

Now, concentrating on this, Body composition and Growth are key components of the health. Now a day, even children are found with obesity and so this is very important to measure. However, other components of body composition also influence health outcomes, and their measurement is considering increasingly valuable in clinical practice. Every week you should test your weight and height with BCA machine.

Now, understand the difference

What is the basic difference between Body weight and Body composition?

The difference between these 2 is,

  1. Body weight- Simply measure your weight.
  2. Body composition- Breaks down the total body weight into various elements.

The composition of your body has three components,

  • Fat
  • Lean Body Mass (Muscles, Bones, Organs)
  • Water

The percentages of each component vary from person to person. Let’s understand that factors. If you buy online any BCA machine for saleyou also make your self fit by measuring every day then adopting healthy habits.

Factors that affect your body composition:

  • Age: People lose muscle mass as they get older if they do not keep it with enough weight training.
  • Genes: It is naturally lean or has a tendency to retain fat. Including where you keep it.
  • Sex: Women have more body fat than men as a natural way to prepare for pregnancy.
  • Hormones: The hormones can influence water retention and body composition.

Features of BCA Machine

  • Touch Screen Digital Display
  • Electric Power Source
  • Automatic Operation Mode
  • Weight Only 12Kg

Body composition will give you the percentage of fat of which your body weight is composed. This is very useful as you know how to lose weight.

If you found your body gaining weight then here is the guide to tips to lose.

  • Track your body fat
  • Do endurance training
  • Incorporate Cardio
  • Eat rich food like fiber
  • Do different activities
  • Drink plenty of water

So now you know that the weight on the scale is not the only important body metric that should be followed. Just go for a healthy life.

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