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buy an oxygen concentrator in India

Is it worth to Buy an Oxygen Concentrator in India

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device prescribed to patients, who are struggling with breathing-related disorders. It delivers oxygen directly to the patients by extracting from the surrounding and concentrating it.

Individuals which are reported to have a lower concentration of oxygen in their blood have to look for this alternative for working efficiently. So it is essential for them and here are a few reasons that can help you in understanding its uses in our lives. Read on to know more.

1.) For Asthma Patients: Asthma can turn to a dangerous condition, if not treated on time. Inflamed airways produce more than the required quantity of mucus, due to which breathing becomes difficult. So it is very important that a high level of oxygen is pumped into the bloodstream without wasting time.

An oxygen concentrator can do this immediately. Asthma is a growing issue in metro cities, due to pollution and other reasons, so if you have the device at home, you don’t have to rush in those busy streets.

2.) Reduces the risk of COPD  and related complications: Severe arrhythmias, pulmonary hypertension, and heart failure are some of the primary risks of COPD. If you use oxygen concentrator on time, then risks can be reduced to a certain extent.

3.) For Newborn Babies with RDS disorder:  Respiratory distress syndrome is mostly observed in premature babies. In this disorder lung coating, liquid or surfactant is not created an inappropriate amount, due to which lungs collapse. And breathing activity becomes difficult for the newborn. Here if oxygen concentrator is used at a time, then further complications can be avoided.

4.) Prescribed To Pneumonia Patients:  Pneumonia is a medical issue in which inflammation is reported in the patient’s lungs. Fluid fills up space in this infection and breathing can become a serious issue a number of times.

5.) Reducing incidence of dyspnea: Dizziness, fatigue, and shortness of breath are some of the symptoms of this medical issue, which has resulted in less amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. An oxygen concentrator can reduce these incidences and one can lead a normal life without being disturbed.

6.) Good and Healthy Life: Ultimately if you have this fresh air providing device with you, then you don’t have to worry for any breathing related disorders. If you feel any issue related to the same, then you can immediately use it. And you won’t feel disturbed or low due to these medical disorders.

You will remain healthy and that will affect your mood, you will feel full of energy and can work efficiently too. Each one of us will love to have disease-free life so that we can make out the most from it. So buying an oxygen concentrator is a wise decision and you should not give it a second thought.

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