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Body Composition Analyzer On Rent

Power Source – Electric

Free User App Allow to User Data Check Any Time

Bluetooth Connectivity – Yes

Weight – 12 kg

Measurement Duration — Less Than 30 Sec

Display — Digital (Touch Screen)

Handling Options — Hand-Held, Body Fat Scales, Step On

Operation Mode — Automatic

Data Sent to Smartphone Automatically

Charts for User to Monitor their Health


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Everyone has a different body composition, and the body composition analyzer will give you a more accurate reading of your body by reporting your BCA with-

  • The Percentage Of Body Fat
  • The Level Of Visceral Fat
  • The Percentage Of Body Water
  • The Proportion Of Skeletal Muscle
  • The Basal Metabolic Rate

It can monitor the level of health and follow the trend of changing body composition, make adjustments in diet and exercise as appropriate.

This BCA Machine with printer uses advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) method. In this, when it is stopped on the monitor, very low and safe electrical signals are sent.

Depending on the machine monitor, measurements of body composition are provided in some seconds.

 Why Medinza BCA machine on rent service is beneficial?

As you know, everyone needs competent nutrition to satisfy the development of the body, but he must also pay attention to overnutrition. And this rental BCA machine in Delhi from Medinza.

Your body is composed of three main components:

1. Fat 

2. Lean body mass includes muscles, bones, and organs

3. Water   

This BCA machine for sale can help you to measure everything, not only Weight alone. It is a very clear indicator of good health because it can distinguish between kg that comes from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle.  

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