Spirometer for sale

Spirometer/PFT Machine – Rent

Measurement protocols – TV, VC, FVC, FEVC, FIVC, MVV

Only Spirometer that meets latest ATS / ERS 2005 Standards

Database access via Local Area Network (LAN)

Final report and signal data transfer via E-mail

Collection of whole signal data, collection rate: 500 Hz

Duration of a single measurement upto 60 seconds

Determination of 0-time in FVC by back extrapolation

Upto 8 pre and 8 post measurements

One year warranty

Can store ‘n’ numbers of data depending on availability of storage on the computer

‘No turbine’. Uses “Fleich”-type pneumotach sensor. Maintenance free operation year after year.

54 parameters that cover the A-Z of Spirometry. Trending option for all the parameters.


Spirometer is a device which measures the amount of air that you can blow out and is indispensable in conducting Spirometry or Pulmonary Function Tests that can help diagnose various lung conditions. Lung damage is usually irreparable, therefore, early detection is essential to prevent further damage.


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